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photo composition part 1, rule of thirds and shot size
Table of Contents The Rule of Thirds  Camera Shot Size Extreme Close Up (ECU) Close Up (CU) Medium Close Up (MCU) Medium Shot (MS) Medium Long Shot (MLS) Long Shot (LS) Extreme Long Shot (ELS) Camera Angles Eye Level Shot Low Angle Shot High Angle Shot Dutch Angle or Dutch Tilt Shot Bird’s Eye View Shot Hip Level Shot Knee Level Shot Ground Level Shot Additional Resources Regardless of your…
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Triangle of Exposure
Picking up a new skill can be challenging, especially when it involves learning to use new equipment like a DSLR camera—there are so many buttons and settings! It’s easy to get overwhelmed. But, have you ever wondered why cameras have so many dedicated light settings? How Lighting Affects Photography Now, why is lighting important to photography? The basic answer is to light the subject enough to be able to capture…
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Adobe Premiere Rush Tutorial Thumbnail
Introduction Video editing can be a hassle, especially for people who just started. Adobe Premiere Rush is a low-budget video editing app, which anybody with a smartphone can use, and easily share to your social media. Our team member, Kwanmanus (Gina) Thardomrong, has created a video tutorial showing the basics of Adobe Premiere Rush. If you would like to learn more about Adobe Premiere Rush please check out the Adobe…
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Captioning and Transcription Graphic
Image Description: Three icons relating to transcription and captioning lie on a white background. One, on the left, is a bright indigo color and depicts a microphone. On the right, there is a red square with the letters "CC" to represent closed captioning. The final icon sits underneath them and is of a laptop filled with graphics relating to captioning and transcription. On the right side of the laptop, a…
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Headings and Hierarchy Blog Graphic
Image Description: A person sits on the floor with a computer in their lap. Behind them is a larger screen that displays them writing code to properly order headings.    If you’re like many internet users, your email inbox is home to several newsletters from organizations, and you’ve fallen down a research rabbit holes reading blogs and other written content. These written mediums serve as tools for marketers, writers, businesses,…
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Student Media Self Love Playlist Graphic
As we reflect on one year of the pandemic, we are all in need of a little self-love. Listen to Student Media Tech's new playlist to hear the songs we listen to when we're feeling a little low and in need of some self-care. 💕   Image Description:  Two hands make a heart over a pink background. In the middle of the hands reads, "Self Love Playlist." The background has the words…
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Four people interacting with elements on a large digital screen.
Most people would agree that the internet is a magical place because of its vast amounts of knowledge, resources, and entertainment. The internet was created to be accessible to anyone, but unfortunately, that is not the case with many websites and digital resources. Barriers such as poor design, lack of alternative text, and missing captions for multimedia, aren’t just an inconvenience, but can actually prevent certain users from being able…
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Student Media Fall Playlist
The leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping, and Student Media Tech has a new fall playlist. 🍁 ⁠Listen now to hear our favorite songs of the season, plus a few spooky additions!⁠   https://open.spotify.com/playlist/052FnlJApfAHQa7AjloO0t?si=-__78AGzTzyt_PVLQn0XoA
A laptop sits open with a variety of sources. In front there is a post waiting to be published online.
In our last blog post, we spoke about simple steps you could take to build media literacy while consuming and sharing content online. In this post, we will cover the other side of the issue; how can we create ethical, accurate, and honest media?   The Five Core Principles of Ethical Journalism One crucial concept that comes to mind as we begin to talk about this is ethical journalism. As…
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