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Captioning and Transcription Graphic
Image Description: Three icons relating to transcription and captioning lie on a white background. One, on the left, is a bright
A laptop sits open with a variety of sources. In front there is a post waiting to be published online.
In our last blog post, we spoke about simple steps you could take to build media literacy while consuming and sharing
A phone has a news article pulled up, and the graphic questions whether it should be shared or not.
We live in a world saturated by news and media. You´ll find headlines, advertisements, and informational graphics almost everywhere you look,
After Effects Animation: Transformation Properties
Introduction Animation can be intimidating to learn, but with four basic transform properties in Adobe After Effects, the process can be
Photo of Black Lives Matter Protest
While protests happen regularly across the world, the United States has recently had an uprising of demonstrations in all fifty states
A phone is filming flowers on a mobile tripod
Advances in mobile technology have made it possible to create high-quality videos on your phone without a studio environment. If you
Youtube loading on a mobile device.
With mobile technology constantly improving, creating high-quality video no longer requires access to expensive equipment and a studio environment. Here are
Podcast 4
Podcasting is on the rise. Last year an annual survey done by Edison Research and Triton Digital revealed that in 2019
Person draws on drawing tablet
There are plenty of programs for creating digital art. Some are free, others require payment or subscription, some have a better
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